Organic Raw Honey
Organic Raw Honey

Type: Rapeseed flower
Consistency: Creamy will crystallise (can made be runny)
Colour: Light creamy colour
Taste: Sweet and creamy taste with smooth texture
Sweetness: sweet
Qualities: can be used as an alternate to sugar/sweeteners when cooking; use half amount of honey to sugar recommended, also rich in antioxidants, healing qualities
Goes well with: sweets such as brownies, perfect with a daily breakfast (toast) also with minced beef + chillies, vinaigrette

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Honey Dew
Honey Dew

Type: Forest honey, oak + pine
Consistency: Runny (resists crystallisation)
Colour: Dark to very dark honey colour
Taste: Intensity medium, woody and warm, weak acidity, no bitterness
Sweetness: Medium
Qualities: high in minerals and amino acids. research indicates it has higher than average antibiotic properties due to higher level glucose oxidise.
Goes well with: melon and fruit and also cucumber salad

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Raw Wildflower Honey
Raw Wildflower Honey

Type: Poly floral, blossom
Consistency: Thick but will crystallise (but can be made runny)
Colour: Medium honey colour
Taste: Dependant on season and what flowers are in bloom it has a delightful taste
Sweetness: Medium sweet
Qualities: Good for hay fever sufferers, take 2 spoonfulls a day to build up pollen tolerance; also rich in antioxidants.
Goes well with: robust cheese like goat cheese, or a glaze for chicken or salmon

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